Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tillman Family Protest

Black and Missing but not Forgotten has a post up about the family of Janet Tillman who are protesting what they view as police inaction in the case of Tillman's disappearance. According to Suburban Journals Tillman, who worked as a prostitute in Belleville, MO, was last seen October 16th 2007 getting into a solicitor's vehicle. Essentially, the family believes that it is Ms. Tillman's profession that has made her a low priority for the Belleville Police Department.
Her younger sister, Vickie Tillman, said the family believed the police investigation had been wanting from the beginning and demanded police work harder to find Janet.
"They don't think that she's a priority," Vickie Tillman said. "I have to try something; I can't just give up on it."
Family members allege police had failed to properly investigate because Janet Tillman was a prostitute and updates on the case were few and far between.
"She was my sister, she was my kids' aunt," she said. "It's no excuse for what they did. Is she any less of a person because of what she did? Is she any less of a human being? Their job is to protect and serve - at least I thought they did."

Belleville Police Capt. Donald Sax who did not work the case but who agreed to speak on the Department's behalf denies that any wrongdoing has occured in this investigation. He stated that the case would remain open and had just gone cold due to a lack of leads.

The family counters this claim with the startling fact that a month went by before investigators searched Tillman's residence. It seems to us strange as well the the Police Department is insinuating that she may have just left of her own accord while the family has repeatedly stated that she always called regularly to check in and would not have just left without packing, notifying them, and arranging care for her animals.

Please visit Black and Missing for further information on this story. No matter their profession a missing person is a missing person with family and friends who are desperate to find them. They all deserve the same level of respect and protection under the law and this kind of systemic class prioritization is wrong and can't be allowed to continue.

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