Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Articles of Incorporation

We've filed our Articles and they should be approved in the next few days. We also had to put a notice in the newspaper of our intent to incorporate and I'm going to scan that and put it up when it runs.

As soon as everything is approved, we will be able to pursue tax-exempt status which is very important to our operation as many funding opportunities hinge on having 501(c)3 status. Depending on how quick the turn around is, there may be a slight delay in officially launching Giving by Design. Currently, it's our opinion that we will have to push back the start date until sometime in August 2008.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Artist Submission Guidelines

We are currently deciding on guidelines for artist's submissions to Giving by Design. Here is what we have come up with so far.

- good quality digital or scanned photo of work (We haven't decided on file size)

- short bio

- if accepted, GBD retains exclusive right to sell for as long as the work remains on the site, (one month minimum)

- Artist may pull the work at anytime after the one month minimum, but GBD requires written notice and one week to process the request and make sure the item has not already been sold. (While we want to give the item a chance to sell, we don't want something to sit on the site not making money for the artist if we aren't reaching the right audience and they could sell it elsewhere)

-If an artist violates the exclusive right to sell clause, they will
1) No longer be welcome at Giving by Design
2) Be responsible for the 15% donation that would have gone to a partner organization if the item is purchased on Giving by Design and is undeliverable because of the prior sale.

- if accepted, GBD retains the right to use images of the work in all marketing materials, with the exception of peripheral products (calendars, etc.) that are sold on the site. If GBD desires use of images of the work on peripheral products, we will not take any action without the written permission of the artist who will be compensated for their participation.

We hope to begin actively soliciting submissions in February.