Friday, March 14, 2008

Giving by Design: Some clarifications

1) It was brought to our attention this morning that we did not include a notice about not allowing design's under copyright to be submitted or sold on our website unless you own the design or have documented permission to use the design. It is important to respect each other as artists which includes not using other people's intellectual property without permission. This will be corrected on our application this evening.

2) We have also been approached about not including art related posts on the blog more often. That is something we will definitely address as our official launch grows closer, since we will be in a better position to feature the emerging artists who will be appearing on our site. We'll try to do better on that score in the meantime.

3) For new readers, if you are unaware of our methods, the blog posts that are not related to art are related to the partner organizations that we support. We do not list any organizations that we would not feel comfortable being personally associated with and therefore we want to do all we can to promote their causes. In the end we're offering people a chance to make a tangible difference in the world simply by doing what they love to do; creating art. Blogging about issues relevant to our partner organizations is one of the ways we can further that goal.

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