Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What does GBD do for participating artists?

We are offering the artists who participate on our site the chance to gain exposure and experience and to help make the world a better place simply by doing what they love. Apart from space on our website, artists whose images are used in our marketing materials will be credited, and artists will also have the chance to participate in our live events. Artists who build a good reputation through successful delivery of artwork to clients will potentially be recommended for commission work. We will also be periodically highlighting a participating artist on our Featured Artist page.

That being said, participation in Giving by Design is not a substitute for representation. We want to cater to self-represented artists and offer a cost-effective means for launching their career. We are able to keep our fees low because we do not spend money promoting or advocating for individual artists outside the scope of promoting or advocating for the organization.

We pride ourselves on having a high level of transparency and ethics in our business practices. All of our partner organizations have copies of our application packets and are constantly updated concerning any changes in our application or contract policies as well as any changes in our business practices. Participating artists can keep up with these updates by routinely checking our blog.

We'd love to hear any suggestions or comments you might have.

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